About Us


The Design Bros

The Design Bros have a combined 15 years of experience making elegant, customizable, and fully optimized website with an emphasis on web security. We understand the psychology of complimentary colors, well placed images, and fitting fonts work together to create a unique site that will organically generate traffic. Aesthetics while important are not enough to keep up with the requirements of the modern cliental, a fast optimized site is just as crucial to the success of a website which is why we offer dedicated hosting to ensure full optimization.

 Without high-performance, websites do not stand a chance to your competitors who have invested in optimization as it means a higher chance of return visits, low bounce rates, higher conversion rate, client engagement, and an overall better user experience. every extra second a website takes to load, conversions fall by 12 percent. From purchasing a domain all the way to launching your new site we are there every step of the way to give you a leg up on your competitors.

Our Company Mission

To create and promote a fully customizable, elegant, easy to navigate website with an emphasis on speed and security. Make your site your way with The Design Bros, your Web Design Pros

Our Vision

We do websites differently! We are technically minded individuals who put an emphasis on speed, ease of use, accountability, and security. Provide the best service to customers who are serious about their business.