Dedicated Hosting


Enjoy our Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a web hosting option in which a server is dedicated to an entity. Dedicated hosting is great because it allows for full control, flexibility, performance, and overall increased security.

We use Wpengine for our dedicated servers as it is fully optimized for WordPress sites. Dedicated servers lead to overall enhanced security for your website and is essential for companies who do transactions over FTP or SSL. Wpengine shows a 40% page speed increase with reliable uptime during important traffic spikes.

Every extra second a website takes to load, conversions fall by 12 percent.

Our Company Mission

To create and promote a fully customizable, elegant, easy to navigate website with an emphasis on speed and security. Make your site your way with The Design Bros, your Web Design Pros

Our Vision

We do websites differently! We are technically minded individuals who put an emphasis on speed, ease of use, accountability, and security. Provide the best service to customers who are serious about their business.