Performance Optimization 

Much like a first impression, you only get one chance to make a lasting impact on users. The biggest impact that works for or against a site is its overall site speed. A high-performance website means a high chance of return visits, low bounce rates, higher conversions, engagement, higher ranks in organic search, and an overall better user experience.

High performance is based on conversion, visibility, and usability. Conversion is the rate that the website is accomplishing what it was created for, are people filling out forms, downloading guides, or subscribing to your services, if not optimization can fix that. Visibility is how website speed and user experience factors are what Google takes into consideration when ranking sites.

Usability directly impacts potential customers and existing customer loyalty. Where your website is hosted affects performance directly, that is why we use premium hosting to make sure site performance is optimized.

Our Company Mission

To create and promote a fully customizable, elegant, easy to navigate website with an emphasis on speed and security. Make your site your way with The Design Bros, your Web Design Pros

Our Vision

We do websites differently! We are technically minded individuals who put an emphasis on speed, ease of use, accountability, and security. Provide the best service to customers who are serious about their business.