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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a custom website design take?
A custom website design can take anywhere from several days to a few weeks depending on the content, and what you are trying to achieve for your site. Is your project a small landing page, or a full-scale eCommerce Endeavor? No matter your vision Design Bros will work with you to make sure realistic deadlines are not only set but met.
Can I use my own images in my design?
We really encourage personalized images for your web page design (like your logo, product photos, or other images). You can do that at any time, including after you post your project if you change your mind and want to use different content.
How much does a website cost?
There are many factors that affect the total cost from the number of pages, website functionality as well as integrations with other systems, the list goes on. We will work with you to establish the best approach for your business and your budget including a payment plan
Why use The Design Bros for web design?
We strive to take the work and stress out of the equation from the web design process to make the experience easy for you/ If you have interviewed designer after designer the buck stops with The Design Bros is your one-stop-shop.
Are there variations in web design prices?
Design Bros offers a great solution for the potential uncertainty of what the cost for your web design will be. When selecting your web page pricing package, think about how much time you’ll have and your budget. And consider the features you’ll need, and we will make a consultation to match. You’ll never be surprised about how much the final cost will be!
What is SSL?
SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a security protocol to enable you to access a website securely. If you go to a site that has SSL on the web address, it begins with https:// instead of the insecure http://
What is UX? Why is it important?
UX stands for User Experience. A great user experience may encourage the user to return, buy or recommend the website to others. A bad user experience means it’s highly unlikely that the user will stay on the site and may avoid the site entirely. We put emphasis on user experience and make it the first and foremost priority for your site as it yields the best results.
What is web hosting? Why is it important?
Web hosting is allotted space on a webserver to store your website. The web hosting company provides connectivity to the server so your website can be accessed via the internet. In a sense, it is renting the digital space for a monthly fee or annual fee. Dedicated hosting allows for full control, flexibility, performance, and overall increased security.

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