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Global Business Market Brand & Website Project

Global Business Management The Design Bros Client

Global Business Market is an international consulting company with over 30+ years of real-life experience in multiple industries. Our mission is to help small businesses thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Before The Design Bros

The Problem

To Build an International Brand & Website from the Ground Up

Global Business Management Consulting Company

The Ask

Our team was asked to embark on the challenge of building a high-converting landing page and establishing the brand from the ground up, ensuring a captivating online presence that resonates with the target audience and drives meaningful engagement.

The Challenge

We had a big task! We needed to make a really good landing page and also create a brand. It was like making something totally new and exciting on the internet! We had to think a lot and come up with cool ideas to make sure it looked awesome and people would love it. Our goal was to make something unique that caught people’s attention on an international level and made them want to be a part of it.

After The Design Bros

The Solution

Create an iconic logo that will work internationally

Use the right color and iconography to make a big impact not just locally, but on an international level, requiring creativity and design excellence.

GBM’s Orignial Hand-Drawn Logo Concepts

Our Approach

Our approach to building the brand from the ground up involved a strategic blend of creativity, market research, and design expertise, ensuring a unique and memorable presence in the competitive landscape.

Our Solution

We began by crafting the Global Business Market logo, a symbol of distinction and reliability. From there, we meticulously developed the brand identity, system culminating in a website landing page strategically designed to resonate with high-level executives and drive conversions.

Global Business Market Logo created by The Design Bros

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The Results

The Outcome

Launch an international consulting brand for CEOs & Executives

Global Business Market Stationery Set

We embarked on the journey of creating an international brand exclusively designed for CEOs and executives, employing our strategic expertise to ensure a seamless global launch that resonates with high-level professionals across multiple industries. Our mission was successful and GBM is doing big things!

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